Jennifer Ann Peters

I’m a Washington, D.C.-based writer, editor, and all-around wordsmith. By day, I work as a Research & Communications Consultant at Nexight Group; by night, I’m a freelance writer, editor, and consultant for a range of clients. Previously, I worked as content manager at the News Media Alliance, freelance editor at VICE News, senior editor at RT Book Reviews, contributing editor to Penthouse magazine, associate editor of The Girls of Penthouse and Penthouse Forum, and, before that, as a freelance editor at Penthouse Variations. And before that, I studied journalism at St. John’s University and worked some very odd jobs.

There is no topic I haven’t covered in my career. Currently, I’m focused on critical infrastructure, cyber security, and medical technology. In the past, I’ve written about making love and making war, focusing most of my editorial attentions on stories about either sex or military/veterans issues, as well as a long stint covering the media landscape and the evolving digital media ecosystem. I occasionally write about other things, too, like art and books and hot sauce and, once, sports. As an editor, I’ve worked on books and articles about foreign policy, sex, addiction, pop culture, and public policy, amongst other topics.

In addition to handling all manner of editorial content needs, I’ve also done video and audio editing, website management, graphic design, and social media and email marketing. From creation to distribution, I’ve worked along every part of the print and digital content pipelines.

When I’m not writing, I read in excess, swim like a fish, watch far too many hours of Netflix, and eat hot sauce in quantities that are definitely not healthy.

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