Warrior Wire: We’ve Got Their Backs … And Their Tits & Ass

  I recently read a story about New York Times columnist Nick Kristof, and how he writes his columns about specific people and not merely the broader issues because readers have an easier time relating if the story is about a singular person than about the hundreds, thousands, or millions actually impacted. At first, I was […]

Warrior Wire: Denied Till They Die

  When I started working on this article, I honestly thought I’d be writing about something else. I’d been contacted by Tracee Beebe, a filmmaker who was working on a documentary about Vietnam veterans, and she told me that they were being denied benefits from the VA because their military records didn’t reflect their service accurately. […]

Warrior Wire: Diet COLA

  I don’t really have a lot to say about this article, especially since it’s kind of old news by now. I had written this when the COLA cuts were still an everyday news item, and it was the hot-button veterans issue of the moment. Now, with the VA scandal going on, this feels ancient. […]

Warrior Wire: The Art of War

  As a writer, I’ve always been incredibly jealous of people who are talented in the visual arts. That old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? It’s totally true. Plus, people are more likely to stop for a few seconds to look at a photo or painting or drawing than they are to […]

Warrior Wire: Fightin’ Words

If you read my last post, you may have noticed a sidebar in my article “The Write Stuff.” In it, I gave a short rundown of five of my favorite veteran-written books. I chose five because that’s what I knew could fit in the space I was given, but there are so many more good […]

Warrior Wire: The Write Stuff

Warrior Writers is an organization I first learned about after looking up veterans’ groups that needed volunteers. I got busy not long after contacting them, but I subscribed to their newsletter and followed what they were doing. Then, last year, when I was trying to come up with articles to pitch, I remembered them and […]

Warrior Wire: At Their Service

Since I started writing for Penthouse‘s Warrior Wire column, I’ve really gotten to know a lot about the veterans community. I’ve always had an interest in vets’ issues because of my dad (a Vietnam vet) and my cousin (who did three tours during the Iraq war), but writing about it means I have to really […]

Warrior Wire: Rings of Fire

I don’t really remember when I first heard about burn pits, though I know I started researching for this article at least a year before it was published, maybe even earlier. I keep a file on my desk of research for stories I want to write, if I ever have the time or opportunity, and […]

Pet Tweets: Taylor Vixen

Click image to open PDF. I met Taylor Vixen when she was in the running for Penthouse Pet of the Year way back in 2009. She came up to the Penthouse offices with Veronica Ricci and Ryan Keely, and I interviewed them for my old “Pet Projects” column. When she became Pet of the Year […]

Pet Tweets: Emily Addison

Click image to open PDF. I don’t officially have a favorite Penthouse Pet, because that would just be wrong. There are girls I’m close with and who are some of my best friends, and there are girls who are super easy to work with, so they get bonus points. But I don’t have a favorite. […]


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