New Year, New Words

I haven’t posted a “blog” on my website since 2014, around the time I went full-time freelance for the first time. I’ve considered writing new things on here since then, but, honestly, as a professional […]

Warrior Wire: Denied Till They Die

  When I started working on this article, I honestly thought I’d be writing about something else. I’d been contacted by Tracee Beebe, a filmmaker who was working on a documentary about Vietnam veterans, and she […]

Warrior Wire: Diet COLA

  I don’t really have a lot to say about this article, especially since it’s kind of old news by now. I had written this when the COLA cuts were still an everyday news item, […]

Warrior Wire: The Art of War

  As a writer, I’ve always been incredibly jealous of people who are talented in the visual arts. That old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? It’s totally true. Plus, people are […]

Warrior Wire: Fightin’ Words

If you read my last post, you may have noticed a sidebar in my article “The Write Stuff.” In it, I gave a short rundown of five of my favorite veteran-written books. I chose five […]

Warrior Wire: The Write Stuff

Warrior Writers is an organization I first learned about after looking up veterans’ groups that needed volunteers. I got busy not long after contacting them, but I subscribed to their newsletter and followed what they […]

Warrior Wire: At Their Service

Since I started writing for Penthouse‘s Warrior Wire column, I’ve really gotten to know a lot about the veterans community. I’ve always had an interest in vets’ issues because of my dad (a Vietnam vet) […]

Warrior Wire: Rings of Fire

I don’t really remember when I first heard about burn pits, though I know I started researching for this article at least a year before it was published, maybe even earlier. I keep a file […]

Pet Tweets: Taylor Vixen

Click image to open PDF. I met Taylor Vixen when she was in the running for Penthouse Pet of the Year way back in 2009. She came up to the Penthouse offices with Veronica Ricci […]


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