NSFW: The Road Less Traveled, Guilty Pleasures, and More


As a writer and editor at Penthouse, one of my responsibilities is handling reviews of adult novelties (aka sex toys) and interviews with adult film stars (aka porn stars). Not only do I write these fun features for Penthouse, our flagship magazine, but I also do reviews and interviews for our sister publications, Penthouse Forum and The Girls of Penthouse.

While my reviews in Penthouse are fairly infrequent, I write a column for Penthouse Forum called “Guilty Pleasures” that runs in every issue. Each column includes reviews of five or six new products (or older products that I think are still completely relevant). I write about everything from vibrators and dildos to male masturbators and penis pumps, BDSM equipment, erotic books, and everything in between. Somehow, after five years, I still find new things that I find worthy of sharing with my readers, too.

In addition, I frequently interview everyone’s favorite Penthouse Pets for the magazines. Again, my interviews in Penthouse are infrequent, but in each issue of The Girls of Penthouse I put together the “Pet Tweets” feature, which includes a dozen or questions from me and the girls’ fans (who submit their questions via Twitter, hence the column title). An addition 20-30 questions are answered exclusively on the Girls of Penthouse Twitter account. It’s fun to see what the fans are interested in knowing, and it’s always fun to ask the girls all the random questions I have. And the ladies of Penthouse never fail to amaze, amuse or confuse me with their responses.

While most of these fun adult features I write are available only in the print editions of the magazines and not on their respective websites, I’ll be sharing them here on my site as well. You can head on over to my Erotica & Sexuality page to check out past interviews and reviews, and then check back every month for updates.


Preview: Patriotic Pin-Ups



It’s not often I get to combine my love of pretty ladies with my passion for covering veterans’ issues. In fact, until now, those two topics have remained entirely separate in my clip book. The problem, it seems, is that I hadn’t met Gina Elise.

Gina is a classic pin-up beauty, complete with pin curls and pencil skirts. But she’s a hell of a lot more than that, too. She’s also a sweet young woman with a heart of gold and a philanthropic endeavor that I hope everyone reading this will go out and support. Gina, the granddaughter of a World War II soldier, produces pin-up calendars to raise money for wounded warriors. She works tirelessly, year-round, to put together gorgeous photo shoots for her calendars and posters, and then visits military hospitals and bases to meet with the troops her fundraising efforts serve.

I discovered Gina after a coworker sent me a video she’d shot for AOL talking about her project. “This might be fun for Warrior Wire,” my coworker (also a classic pin-up beauty) suggested. The project sounded interesting, and after watching the video, I knew that I had to talk to this woman who looked like she’d stepped straight out of the 1940s. My editor agreed that we needed to share Gina’s story, and off I went.

When I first contacted Gina, she sent me the above photo (shot by  Mark Menchaca), an outtake from one of her first calendar shoots. She hadn’t been able to use the photo in her calendar, but when I told her I worked at Penthouse, she dug it up for me. It seemed like kismet that we were finally connecting—and like a good luck charm, too, since our connecting resulted in a four-page cover story.

I want to tell you so much more about this wonderful woman, but I think you should read my article, Calendar Girl, which appears in the May 2013 issue of Penthouse—on sale April 16th—instead. It has all the backstory on Gina’s fundraising efforts and some great words of praise from some important men and women.

And don’t forget to head over to PinUpsForVets.com to buy a couple calendars. You can buy one for yourself or donate one to an active-duty or wounded soldier. Gina will even autograph your purchase if you ask nicely. So go on, get shopping! After all, it’s for a good cause.