The Prinzzess Diaries: Prinzzess

October 2004 Penthouse Pet Prinzzess has been one of the most popular girl-girl porn performers for the past few years. But she’s also one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth ladies I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. I profiled her for Girls of Penthouse a few years ago, and we talked about her religious upbringing, squirrels, and picking up chicks.

You can read my interview with Prizzess, “The Prinzzess Diaries,” which appeared in the a 2009 issue of Girls of Penthouse, below.

GOP: Is it true you come from a very religious family?

PRINZZESS: My parents were Seventh Day Adventist missionaries, and we moved to Belize when I was six. They forced me to wear big clothes and dresses and completely hide myself. As soon as you get away from that, you want to show off, so you go to bars, you enter those “shake-your-booty” contests. It’s like skin to win. I was always trying to show as much as I could.

GOP: How did growing up in such a religious home affect you sexually?

PRINZZESS: When I was 12, before I started to grow boobs, my mom would be shopping for bras and I always wanted to be like the woman on the Hanes tag. My mom was always hiding the tags, saying it was a sin that the women were dressed like that. I was like, “I want to do that one day.” Not necessarily the nude part at that point, but I wanted to be a model. So of course as soon as I got away I started messing around with it and putting some pictures on modeling websites. Then an agent from L.A. asked if I wanted to come out and model nude, and I was like, “Hell, yeah!” One day they said, “Let’s send this in to Penthouse.”

GOP: For a while you were only doing stills. What made you jump into X-rated movies?

PRINZZESS: It wasn’t anything that I was against, and I did a video when I was 18. I just didn’t want to do a lot of hardcore movies right away. I wanted to start slow. So I charged double the rate, and when I did get hired, it was worth it. Then I decided I wanted to do more.

GOP: What was it like shooting Traderz, your first movie for Penthouse Features?

PRINZZESS: It was really fun! RayVeness was my partner, and I loved working with her. The scene we shot is my hottest ever. I would love to shoot more DVDs with Penthouse!

GOP: So far you’ve only done girl-girl scenes. Do you have any plans to do boy-girl scenes in the future?

PRINZZESS: I’m still up in the air about that. If I do it, it will be very clean and tasteful. I don’t want to be in gonzo scenes and gang bangs and all the nasty shit so many of the other girls get dragged into.

GOP: When did you start getting into girls in your personal life?

PRINZZESS: When I was living at home, my best friend and I would sneak out and hang out in this old abandoned van. One day we decided to practice kissing each other, since we hadn’t been with any boys at that point. It was mostly practice, though. I didn’t really get into girls until I was older. The minute I turned 18, I started to go out to nightclubs and I was partying and drinking and getting naked wherever I could. It was everything all at once.

My parents always taught me that you only have sex with a guy if you’re married, but they didn’t stress the fact that you don’t mess around with women. So I’d have serious relationships with men, but I was always having fun with women. It started as showing off for the guys, but I had always thought women were beautiful. When you start kissing other women and thinking that they’re beautiful, you really get into it.

GOP: Do you have a preference now?

PRINZZESS: I have to say they’re equal, but in different ways. I like a lot of foreplay, and I like to come before I have sex, because after I come I’m really hot. You can’t really do that with a woman. But when you’re with a guy, they end up rushing and just fucking you. But if I haven’t come and I’m already fucking, there’s nothing more to add to it. If I could find a guy who could play around and relax and make me come before we start having sex, that’d be heaven.

GOP: So you’re more likely to date guys and just hook up with women?

PRINZZESS: If I start fucking a guy, I start taking it seriously. I don’t care if he’s fucking someone else—not really—but I look at him as being my only guy and I lose interest in seeing other men. I don’t like having one-night stands. I want a continuation. But with women, I can fuck them, not even know their name and not need to see them ever again. I’m more like a guy when it comes to women.

GOP: If you’re out at a nightclub, how can a girl or a guy get your attention?

PRINZZESS: Give me soft looks. Catch my eye. Be sensual. Talk to me. Touch me a bit. I don’t like it when men or women come on too strong, and I don’t like anyone who’s easy to get. I like them to let me know they’re interested and then back off a little. I want them to make me chase them, probably because I don’t ever get a chance to chase.

Every guy wants me. That’s the problem with being hot. So I’m more attracted to the guy who shows a little bit of interest but still makes me try to impress him. I’ve had guys come up to me and tell me I’m beautiful and then back off, and I’m like, “How do I get them back now?” Most men come on too strong, especially when they know you’re a porn star. They think you’re that much easier and they don’t have to be sensual.

I’m more experienced than a regular girl, so I’m the one who usually does the chasing when it comes to women. Unless she’s a full-on lesbian who knows I’m into girls, most women won’t come on to me. Because if you’re in a nightclub, you don’t know that I’m into girls. The good thing about nightclubs, though, is that even if you’re hitting on a straight girl, it doesn’t really matter. There are a lot of straight girls who make out with other girls just to get a guy’s attention. It’s more that they’ll go along with it. Once we start hooking up I can sense if they’re really into it or if they’re just showing off.

GOP: When you’re not busy with photo shoots and videos and hooking up at nightclubs, what do you like to do?

PRINZZESS: I bought 220 acres in Belize, where I’m going to open a horse farm and study to be a veterinarian. I don’t intend to open up a clinic and make money off it or anything, I just want to study as much as I can. Growing up I saw so many animals die because we were way out in the country and there was no way a vet could get there. So I’d like to be able to help my own animals and have people call me if they own an animal that’s hurt and needs help. That would feel good.

GOP: Did you have a lot of pets growing up?

PRINZZESS: We had horses, cows, chickens, pigeons, dogs and a whole bunch of other things. Everything. And now I have a pet squirrel named Lucky!

A pet squirrel is something I wanted all my life, but of course you can’t just decide you want a pet squirrel and go out and get one. But I saw a chinchilla in a pet store once and decided they were cute because they have squirrel tails. So I got into breeding chinchillas. Then I put an ad in the newspaper and this girl called up and said, “I’m interested in your chinchilla. Would you trade for a squirrel?” In five minutes I was out the door with my chinchilla, and I traded him for the cutest baby squirrel.

Lucky’s about two years old now, and she doesn’t really like men. She likes women because she was raised by women, and squirrels are one-person oriented. If you’re not the person that raised them, you’re going to get scratched a lot. No one else can really touch Lucky but me.

GOP: She sounds almost like a guard squirrel.

PRINZZESS: Almost, but Lucky looks out more for herself than she does for me!

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